And I beat the time back to life

broken clock installation | 2012

Clockwork, chapter ring in two parts, clockhands seem to move slowly counterclockwise
m-hand 200 cm, h-hand 163 cm, diameter 340 cm



In her installation “And I beat the time back to life”, Leonie Felle uses a clock that originally gave time to many people: the former clock tower of the AGFA camerawork in Munich. In Felles installation the number ring is disassembled; the hands turn backwards against time. Instead of the readability of time, this ‘clock’ shows a disorder of time and thus undermines its measurability and controllability. Just as the installation deprives the observer of any objectifiable knowledge of time, it creates a specific time that applies only to this place and to the duration of its viewing. For the duration of his observation, the viewer is thrown back on his radically subjective perception of time.

Jörg van den Berg


⇢ DIE UMGEORDNETE ZEIT – Text by Jörg van den Berg about the work ” …and I beat the time back to life” (german)

Photography series, Performance with object | 2013


Fine-Art-Print , 110 x 140 cm


Polaroid series, Performance in twelve pictures
Polachrome-Dia, 35 mm, 85 x 105 mm


Composition for Piano | 2013


Acetate Single, Lathe Cut, felt pen, 40 × 30 cm
side A 1. full version | side B 1. only piano, 2:00 min


GO TO EXHIBITION VIEW : Kunstverein Friedrichshafen, 2014 / Halle 14 Leipzig, 2015

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