Site-specific work

digital print on tarpaulin
215 / 268 cm x 189 cm each

Exhibition: Spek/trum – Die Stadt als Resonanzkörper
14. July –  23. October 2022
Werksviertel Mitte, Munich

For her installation “Resonanzachsen” Leonie Felle uses an old construction at the back of the building “Tonhalle”. The building is a remnant of a place that has undergone major changes over time. In the area of today’s “Werkviertel”, as well as in the city of Munich, the low-rise building forms a structural exception between the high-rise buildings and is the place of the artist’s intervention.
Hanging from the old scaffolding are three large-format sheets printed with drawings of high-rise buildings. Like billboards of a construction project, they fit into the surroundings, reflecting them and showing a possible future of the site. The line drawings caricature the urban space that surrounds them and criticize the modern principle of optimization and increased performance in social space.


Link to the work: Resonanzachsen

Photos © Ivana Bilz

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