A photograph, consisting of five equal parts (each 1.80 m x 2.80 m) mounted in the entrance area of the building. Overall, this image has a dimension of 1.8 m height and 14 m length and is positioned in the middle of the wall.

  • Photo paper mounted on aluminum back wall, Protection and finishing front with laminated glass
  • Aluminum frame at the back of the picture for attachment, Counter ledge on the wall for hanging the picture

Production in cooperation with photo lab Crome Art and Fine-Art-Printer Erwin Rittenschober:

The jury in their report:

“The large-format photographic work is convincing due to the association with electrical engineering, the term of the “standing wave” returns in photography. With the photograph in the room, a window opens to the outside world. The water is representative of life. Positively is the direct perception, the width of the sea, the silence and the delightful color. The enlargement increases a degree of abstraction and approaches like brushstroke of free painting. “


The University of Munich writes about the installation:

“With the photorealistic representation of waves in the sea, the once empty corridor in the entrance area of the building now looks more spacious and lively. The picture invites you to linger, perhaps also to reflect on all those elements that are from eternity – like the constant coming and going of the waves on a beach. “

Film documentary of the project:

Munich University of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Entrance area of the renovated building E / Dachauerstraße 98b, Munich, Art in Architecture-competition of the State of Bavaria, Support by state building authority Munich II


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