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PREKÄROTOPIA Of the Utopian Attempt to Produce Change Together A Precarious Singspiel by Beate Engl, Leonie Felle and Franka Kaßner Live Performance / approx. 50 min Sculptures, instruments, costumes, songs and videos The premiere of the Singspiel took place in spring 2019 in the Kunstbau / Lenbachhaus.   PREKÄROTOPIA is entirely fictitious. Any resemblance to…

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Series of objects on the wall | 2017 various watch parts, number rings, hands, pendulum different sizes   Different watch parts from different decades (dials, wreaths and pendulum) are twisted into each other. The watches have been relieved of their purpose as timepieces, they are now trophies of victory over the advancing time. Leonie Felle…

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3-part-work | 2017-2020 photography: silver gelatin print, with frame 56 x 66 cm object: oar, 18 x 210 x 4 cm text and music: “Horizont” by Leonie Felle, dimensions variable In 2020 the LP 12” HORIZONT by “Leonie singt” was released by the Munich label Gutfeeling Records.    

Your Journey

Three piece work | 2015 Performance on photography, Polaroid negative, silver gelatine hand print, 62 × 50.8 cm Installation props: wooden staircase 2 steps, 81 × 47 × 52 cm, glass globe Ø 40 cm, metal cylinder Ø 41 cm, H 45 cm Lyrics, 4-track recording, 3:34 min., Audio, harmonium and vocal Text by Anja…

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Photographs (series) taken in 2010 in a former soviet barracks (Nohra) Transformed into different formats and materials related to: photography – object – space   Room No. 7, Blue Salon | 2010 Fine art print, Hahnemühle, 200 x 160 cm exhibition view: Annual exhibition AdBK Munich, 2010 / erst oehlen dann metzeln AdBK Munich, 2010…

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Feel like a readymade

Beate Engl / Leonie Felle, 2013 I feel like a readymade (propaganda version) Audio performance and installation 7 megaphones with sampling function, 7 microphone stands CD player, headphones, 02:37, 2013   Lyrics: I feel like a readymade found somewhere and then displayed I feel like a readymade all ready made in China readymade readymade readymade…

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