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Outdoor installation, Passage to residential quarter – Am Westpark, Faberstraße 4b, 81373 Munich, Client: private curated by Sabine Weingartner and Florian Matzner material & processing Photography, medium format color negative (6 x 7 cm), high-end scan of the negative Seven concrete pillars fitted with aluminum cladding, all wrapped around with photomotives, circumfence dimension 194 cm,…

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All ready made in China – Shanghai, 2013

„Collaboration_6: All ready made in China“, with Sandra Filic, Leonie Felle, Maximilian Geuter, Philipp Messner, Alexander Steig, Thomas Thiede   Fei Contemporary Art Center, Shanghai VIEW CATALOG: COLLABORATION_6 – Shanghai (english)   All ready made in China was both title and concept of a process and show. During their two-weeks stay in Shanghai,…

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Photographs (series) taken in 2010 in a former soviet barracks (Nohra) Transformed into different formats and materials related to: photography – object – space   Room No. 7, Blue Salon | 2010 Fine art print, Hahnemühle, 200 x 160 cm exhibition view: Annual exhibition AdBK Munich, 2010 / erst oehlen dann metzeln AdBK Munich, 2010…

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