All wheels stand still…, Deutsches Hutmuseum 2018


Kulturfabrik Lindenberg / Deutsches Hutmuseum

Machines hum, steam and hiss; Clocks tick in the chord; Sweat drips – the sound of the factories. Also the hat factory “Reich”, which today houses the Kulturfabrik. Three artists take up the themes of work, industry and machinery as well as their effects on humans and show their thoughts in the art exhibition “All wheels stand still …”.

Beate Engl, Leonie Felle and Guido Weggenmann approach the topic politically, poetically, provocatively, playfully and personally. The title is one of the smallest works on display: the “Arbeiterorgel” by Beate Engl, which recites a line from the Federal Song for the German Workers’ Association of 1863. Great, however, is the broken clock installation by Leonie Felle, which places the question of time, efficiency and change centrally in the room. Guido Weggenmann shows which (self-)destructive forces are in progress with his installation “Laura’s Plan”, a self-sawing saw.

Exhibition view: All wheels stand still, Deutsches Hutmuseum, Lindenberg 2018


Exhibited works:

And I beat the time back to life. | 2012 (clock installation)

Trophies | 2018 (objects from clock parts on the wall)

Tactic | 2018 (photography)


Illustrations of works by other artists:

Beate Engl  (Einer für alle, Arbeiterorgel)

Guido Weggenmann (BrumBrum, Nina’s Plan, Bist es nicht du – ist es ein anderer)

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