Exhibition and performance
03.10. – 06.12.2020

A.K.T; Pforzheim
Theaterstraße 21
75175 Pforzheim


A new adaptation of PREKÄROTOPIA was exhibited and performed in 2020 at A.K.T; Pforzheim.

A performance in front of an audience was not possible in October 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The artists developed a concept that made it possible to experience the performances present despite the situation. The Singspiel was performed in the stage space on the 1st floor, filmed by cameraman Adrian Campean using Steadycam and transmitted live to the audience space on the 2nd floor. The audience was seated spatially separated from the performers of the A.K.T;. They followed the performance via a double projection consisting of a live camera synchronized with the music videos of the respective songs.


In addition, all performances were streamed live on the Internet.

Text PREKÄROTOPIA by Prof. Dr. Johannes Meinhardt ⬅︎ LINK PDF

For the presentation of PREKÄROTOPIA at A.K.T;, the artists developed a new sculpture that served as an extended action space for them during the performance. A white cube on trestles, to the back of which a three-part turnstile is attached, forms – depending on the position of the movable wing door – a new background and an altered action space: Poupée’s back wall appears as a shiny mirror mosaic, Speaker’s background is a blackboard inscribed with systems-analytical formulas, while Trickster’s fluorescent background with a spit shield shows itself sometimes clean white and sometimes shimmering greenish.

The diorama space is equipped with a false floor that, when pulled out, reveals a hole through which the performers can appear or disappear in the diorama space. During the performance, the Poupée, the Speaker, and the Trickster act in the diorama sculpture individually against their respective backgrounds or together in different lighting moods and specific effects. In the exhibition, the diorama is transformed into a sculpture in a modified form, reflecting the abstract system Prekärotopia. Visitors are invited to look through the glass into the world of Prekärotopia, or to turn the hinged door at the back and discover the various backdrops to discover.


Exhibition views:


In cooperation with agora42, the issue 04/2020 – of the philosophical economic magazine entitled SOLIDARITY IN PREKÄROTOPIA – was published to accompany the exhibition: “This issue is dedicated to solidarity as the very foundation of our way of life and the looming threat of expanding as well as intensifying precarization. But it is also dedicated to rewriting, expanding and intensifying solidarity.” In close collaboration with the editors, the artists designed the content of this issue. In the “Why Art” section of the issue, they present the precarious singspiel PREKÄROTOPIA in textual and pictorial form on 10 double pages.

Why-Art – agora42- Ausgabe 04/2020  ⬅︎ LINK PDF




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